My name is ABIGAIL BREWER from Sta.Cruz, Sagbayan, San Miguel, Surigao del SUR, now residing in UNITED KINGDOM. I own a mobile shop here in UK, selling mainly Filipino products. I invested heavily over the past months in ensuring my mobile shop is safe for my customers. My mobile shop is uniquely well manage to offer space, time, and my dedication to deliver door to door even during covid often as my shop is class as essential. I have a proposition that might help you with just a little investment. My company is not that big yet but will able to return your capital. For instance, you will invest in my products every 30 days, your capital & profit Monthly withdrawal.

Here’s the investment break down;

for P5,600.00 or £85 you will get 5% thats P280 or £4.50

for P56,000 or £850.00 you will get 5% £2,800 or P42.50

on the 13th month you will have to renew again.

***This is per account only, if you would like to add another P5,600 or £85.00 you have to name it to whoever you like, for instance, any of your family member.

* How to join *

MY CONTACT IN THE PHILIPPINES is my sister, MIMI OR Febramae Ecat Uriarte, you can contact her through Facebook messenger for easy transaction. As of now, my sister in the Philippines will list down your details and you can directly send your investment to her. We don’t have any control of who wants to invest, therefore we will not hold responsible for any loss paid to the wrong person nor liable for any links incurred in connection therewith. You do so on your own initiative and your own risk and you are responsible for complying with local laws, rules and regulations.

This not a Pyramid scheme, this is my way on how to help others most specially to those who are struggling to save.